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Styles that create a good impression and help you nail job interviews

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Certificates check. Documents check. Homework about company’s profile, check. Mock interview questions check. Interview outfit? Um, not yet!
From parties to festivals, dressing up right is very important. Same goes for job interviews. No lies, but the moment you step in the interview room, you’re going to be judged. Always remember that the way you dress up for the interview is the way you communicate with your interviewer. Dressing up right is as important as maintaining a good body language.
Here are the styles that will help you create a good impression for your job interviews.

formal-casual-outfit1. FORMAL AND A BIT CASUAL
Stick to formal and semi-formal pieces. Avoid wearing clothes that are too casual. For instance, if you want to wear jeans, keep it simple and dark. Don’t wear acid washed and faded jeans. Also, you can wear your comfortable white tee or tank top with a blazer and trousers for a semi-formal look. However,  it’s advisory to keep the semi-formal look for when you actually start working.

neutral-colours2. NEUTRALS
Always, always stick to neutral colours when going for an interview. These colours include white, black, nude, beige, brown and grey. Stay away from neons and bright colours. Neutral colours make you appear more focused and passion oriented. While on the other hand, bright colours can distract the interviewer.

Choose an outfit which is simple yet elegant in design. Designer outfits are strictly prohibited for a job interview. Also, try wearing plain outfits if you are confused with the prints. Or else you can go for stripes and checks. They are super formal and just perfect for an interview. Remember to balance the look and avoid any print clash.

formal-accessories4. ACCESSORIZE SMARTLY
When it comes to accessories, try not to overload them. Balancing them is the key. Keep them to the minimum. You can go with an elegant watch rather than going for bracelets. Wear small studs and avoid wearing anything on the neck. However, if you want to wear a necklace, go with a sleek and minimal design. Pay attention to your bag. Carry a formal handbag which has enough space for your documents and has a simple design.

Personal hygiene is very important. The way you keep yourself speaks about your personality. Wearing wrinkled and dirty clothes will create a negative impression on your interviewer. Also, pay attention to the buttons and necklines of your top. Wearing clothes that are too revealing is a major NO for a job interview.

formal-makeup8. MAKEUP AND PERFUME
Keep the fragrance subtle and minimum. Don’t go with extra strong perfumes. A cakey face works well for a party or festival but for a job interview, embrace the natural look. Keep the makeup to a minimum. A light foundation, blush and nude lipstick will work well. Stay away from bold eye makeup and highlighters. However, keep the concealers for emergency (we know the struggle of previous night research and dark circles *wink*).

formal-footwear7. FOOTWEAR
If you are planning to wear heels, keep the height up to 2.5 inches maximum. Towering heels are really not for a job interview. If you are not a heel person, try on Oxford shoes and Moccasins. They are super comfortable and perfect for an interview. The way you walk in the room will be your first impression on the interviewer. So, girls, walk tall, be confident and nail that job interview!