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This summer bottle up your body & keep your kitchen and refrigerator shelves updated!

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“ Dehydration is like that bewitched apple in Snow White’s basket, you won’t ever see it coming, but once it does happen, you are in real trouble. And you have to wait for the kiss of your true love; i.e. water…”- Pronita Tripathi.

A strange sort of stillness spreads across the dusty lanes in the afternoons. The fountain of water from the Municipality tap has been reduced to a weak trickle. Evaporation is in the air. The sun is intense and hungry for the last drop of water on the surface of Earth. Summers have arrived in India. It is that time of the year, when all of us have to gear up for a really hard battle, agenda of which is either to “Do or die”. If you are not prepared for these three months of scorching and glaring heat, you may as well read on now!


This summer bottle up your body & keep your kitchen and refrigerator shelves updated!
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The extremely high temperatures in the months of April, May and June expose the human body to a very dangerous situation known as dehydration. Dehydration refers to a harmful reduction in the amount of water in the body. It is a seemingly simple and plain term. Its symptoms are varied, ranging from-

  • Increased thirst
  • Dry mouth
  • Fatigue (tired and sleepy)
  • Decrease in volume of urine and yellowish urine
  • Dizziness and headache
  • Low blood pressure
  • Dry skin and skin infections
  • Shock or seizure
  • Increased heartbeat
  • Fever and vomiting
  • Lethargy and confusion
  • Coma

Some of these symptoms are quite natural and unassumingly normal. Therefore dehydration is a danger disguised in the cloak of normalcy.

Fierce heat and high humidity often cause uneasiness and discomfort especially if you are outdoors. Here are some tips on shielding yourself from the Sun outdoors

  • Wear full sleeves and cover your face with a scarf. Expose the minimum possible skin. This will save you from catching a tan as well as will keep your skin protected and hydrated.
  • Apply sunscreen lotion on your face, arms and limbs before leaving your place. Use a SPF range that suits your skin type. If you are a person who perspires too much then use a gel based sunscreen which will significantly lower your perspiration levels.
  • Use deodorants to mask any kind of body odour.
  • Always carry a bottle of water and a cotton handkerchief or perfumed wipes. We often miss out on the little details. Keep a few toffees in your handbag, to soothe your dry throat.
  • Go for floral prints and warm, bright summer colors like aquamarine, turquoise, peach, ochre, mint, rose pink and white. Light colors keep the heat away and your body temperature is a few degrees lower.
  • Do not forget to moisturize your lips with a lip-balm (preferably tinted or flavored). The skin of our lips are one of the thinnest in the entire body.
  • Tie or braid your hair to avoid a sticky situation.


But even after taking so many precautions, you may very easily be dehydrated. So, always remember, shield your body externally as well as internally. Until you follow certain healthy habits and a diet which will keep you hydrated, you are in constant risk. No amount of beauty products can supplement your body’s inner resistance.

In case of dietary plans, keep it simple and fresh. Always try to prepare your meals at home instead of buying something from a stall. Apart from drinking 5 litres of water daily, the things you should keep in mind are-

  • Always try procuring the seasonal fruits, and for summer, it is the King Of Fruits- mango. Eat juicy and succulent fruits like mango, peaches, noseberry (chikoo), grapes (green if you are planning to lose weight), watermelon, kiwi, oranges and lemons, pineapple, pears, pomegranate, and so on. These fruits will provide additional fluids to your body and keep you hydrated.
  • Eat a lot of salads and greens like spinach, lettuce, broccoli, cabbage, cucumber, etc., these will provide roughage to your system, prevent constipation and keep your body fit and supple.
  • Prepare home-made drinks and juices with real fruit( try to eat the fruit instead of extracting its juice). Drink plenty of coconut water, buttermilk, aam ka panna, curd and mint flavoured water. Avoid taking caffeinated and carbonated drinks like coffee, coke, sugary drinks, etc. Avoid too much of sugar intake as it dehydrates you.
  • Keep your meals light and have small meals at regular intervals.
  • Avoid junk food and fries.
  • You can treat yourselves to ice-creams and ice-sticks and ice-cream tubs, but once every week or once every 2 weeks. Ice-creams and kulfis heat your body while providing it transient relief from the burning temperatures.

Here we reach the end of our manual: Summer Secrets 2018. Now, apart from the above-mentioned procedures, you need to be clean and fresh and strictly maintain your personal hygiene. Summer and sweat trigger infections and illnesses. Also keep your surroundings, cool and refreshing. Use bright floral prints and serene curtains to cool your rooms and brighten up your spirits. Keep some fresh jasmine flowers in all the rooms everyday so that a sweet fragrance lingers in your entire house. Stay positive and calm, don’t let the Sun heat things up in your life! Try to stay indoors during the daytime, but in the evenings you can go for pleasant walks or drives with a close friend. You can definitely try star gazing once! The night sky in summers is breathtakingly beautiful, even in cities. So friends, enjoy this summer, bask in nature’s glory and share your amazing summer stories with us. We would love to hear from you!

Stay happy, stay hydrated!