This summer, surprise your senses!

As kids, we chanted poems like “rain rain, go away, come again another day!” But gone are those days when we could just play and frolic. Now, all we seem to do is work, eat, sleep and repeat! Don’t you think you deserve a break from this bogus cycle? This summer, it’s time to don your adventure caps and get-set-escape from the scorching heat! So, we bring to you four destinations that will drench you in their monsoon vibes and break your monotonous stupor!

    The Bloomingdale of India!valley_of_flowers2-MAX-w1024h720

Valley of flowers is a snow-clad valley, tucked in between the mountains of Uttarakhand. If you desire a taste of fresh air and adventure mixed with some light showers, this is the place for you! The best time to visit the valley of flowers is during the monsoons. The frost disappears, giving way to the beautiful expanse of flowers that cover the whole valley! Located in the West Himalayas, this valley is also a National Park. As the name suggests, it is known for its meadows of endemic Alpine flowers and the variety of flora. More than 600 different types of flowers are found in the Valley like the Brahma Kamal, Blue Poppy and Cobra Lily. The main spots that you can check out are- Hemkund Sahib, Valley Of Flowers National Park, Nanda Devi National Park and of course the flora and fauna of that place. The valley is home to several rare and endangered species of animals and birds. Moreover, this enchanting land comes with its fair share of legends! Some would say that the valley was Lord Indra’s garden. While, on the other hand, locals believe that Hanumanji found Sanjeevani Booti, the magical herb that revived Lakshman, in this valley. Feel intrigued yet? Well, this flowery paradise should definitely be on your list this summer!


Fancy a visit to the princess of hill stations?Coonoor-Hill-Station-in-TamilNadu-696x464

Kodaikanal is a hill station located in Tamil Nadu. It is one of the most popular hill stations in India. Established by the British in the year 1845, it acted as a summer holiday retreat. Even today, this place is one of the best summer retreats of all times. The spectacular scenic beauty, tranquil woods and intoxicating air of Kodaikanal are sure to rejuvenate your soul. Being a popular tourist destination, there are plenty of tourist attractions in Kodaikanal. This place is famous for its beautiful mountains, scenic waterfalls and winding streams, among others. Some of the popular sightseeing spots which you can visit are Berijam Lake, Palani Hills, La Sallete Church, Kodaikanal Golf Club, Kodaikanal Lake, Bryant Park, Bear Shola Falls and Shenbaganur Museum of Natural History. If your platter is not full yet, you can also take part in the cultural festivals and fairs that are indigenous to Kodaikanal. Nestling among the beautiful mountains, this place is truly a paradise. Kodaikanal, which literally means ‘gifts of the forest’ is ready to treat your spirit with its gifts! So, are you ready for the treats of nature?


 The Scotland of the east!shillong

Shillong is the largest town in the state of Meghalaya. Splendid waterfalls glimmering amidst the panoramic hilly terrain is the trademark of this place. The British style architecture mingled with the serenity of Shillong will blast you back to the colonial era! The lakes of Shillong, like Umiam Lake and Wards Lake, are perfect spots to breathe-in the tranquility. Some of the most popular waterfalls of Shillong are Elephant Falls, Sweet Falls, and Bishop & Beadon Falls. If you are a shopaholic, be sure to check out the Lewduh Market. In this market, you can find a mélange of handicrafts, eatables and handmade shawls at your disposal. Some other famous spots which you can visit are The Don Bosco Museum, Mawphlang sacred forest, Lailtum canyons, Mawjymbuin caves, David Scott trail, Lady Hydari Park, Khasi heritage village, Lumpongdeng Island and others. For a higher vantage point to view the vicinity, visit the Shillong peak for sure! Not only this, all you golf-aficionados must put Shillong Golf Course on your priority list. This is the only golf course in India with 18 holes. Located on Khasi Hills, this colorful city also offers adventurous outdoor activities such as rock climbing and boating. Lastly, the pocket-friendly local delicacies and drinks will set the pace for a pleasant holiday. So, when you plan to visit the abode of gods, do enjoy their divine hospitality!


Venice in India?alappuzha backwaters

Alappuzha is a watery kingdom situated in the backwaters of Kerala. Blessed with lush green coconut trees adorning the lagoons and lakesides, this place breaks the record for scenic beauty. Alleppy is the hub of Kerala’s backwaters, which we can easily make out from the bustling shorelines. It is home to a vast network of waterways and more than a thousand houseboats. The exquisite nature of this location can only be experienced through the watery world of villages, punted canoes, toddy shops and of course, houseboats! Alappuzha was an important Kerala trade center in the olden times under the reign of Maharaja Marthandavarma. Today, it is an important center of the Kerala coir industry. As the rains impregnate the backwaters with the formers beauty, you can float around and visit the major spots. The most talked about tourist spots are Alleppy beach, Mermaid Statue, Alleppy lighthouse, Kidangamparamba Devi temple, Mullakal Devi temple, RKK memorial museum and loads of other spots. Alleppy is Kerala’s most relaxing and mesmerizing location. But then, it is a part of God’s Own Country right? The sunlit beaches and the ayurvedic massages of Alappuzha are sure to give you the exotic holiday you deserve!

So, there you go! The valley of flowers, Kodaikanal, Shillong, and Alappuzha are the most sought after holiday destinations. When the rains come in, their beauty is enhanced tenfolds! These four destinations will give you a perfect blend of nature and nurture. And what’s more, you can also cater to your inner shopaholic-self or indulge in a variety of adventure sports. This summer, rejuvenate yourselves under the shimmering waterfalls, lush green environs, fresh mountain air and a taste of cultural history! Why are you still here? Don’t you have to pack your bags?