SummerLabel is going to revolutionize the way Indians shop from fashion and lifestyle stores!

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SummerLabel Founders Vanya Mishra & Apaksh Gupta

SummerLabel is an online fashion and lifestyle portal which is going to revolutionize how people look at fashion in India. Co-founded by Vanya Mishra and Apaksh Gupta, SummerLabel is the next big thing in the arena of fashion shopping. The founders of the company believe that there are tons of labels that go un-noticed by their potential target customers and on the other end; we also have this end user who is unable to find the perfect thing. This is where SummerLabel comes in!

You all know what Zomato does, right? SummerLabel does this in the fashion segment and their aim is to solve the problem of the customers by giving all the information about fashion stores, whether those stores are online or offline. They also want that retailers/designers get a chance to be discovered by one and all.

Vanya and Apaksh, both have been passionate about entrepreneurship and they wanted to build something that would solve real world problems and empower common people. Vanya always felt that the fashion segment in India lags behind the western countries and even Apaksh had faced some issues in finding the perfect things when he wanted to buy fashion accessories. All this lead them to find a solution to this problem and this is how SummerLabel came into existence. Their aim is to put SummerLabel on everyone’s phone and see it grow beyond India.

SummerLabel, Investopad

The genius founders of SummerLabel definitely understand that entrepreneurship is a tough path to tread, but they know that their brand solves the problems of the customers like no one has ever done and this is what keeps them going.

Apaksh Gupta believes that every new entrepreneur should be courageous, relentless and resilient in the pursuing his dreams. He says,
“Never stop believing and never give up. Follow you heart.”
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