The journey of founder Neha Suradkar from realizing her dreams to turning them into reality


Image: Neha Suradkar, Founder:STYLE-N-FILE

With the ever increasing demand for beauty and makeup, the market is brimming with people wanting to get groomed, polished and look better for the world they are to face. With a motive to fill people with the confidence they deserve and the encouragement they need, STYLE-N-FILE is one such makeup & nail studio and Academy located in Powai, Mumbai, India.

The face behind this successful venture, who is also the mother of a six year old and the wife of a scientist, Neha Suradkar, pursued her masters in Textiles and Clothing from Lady Irwin College and started her career with two of the most prestigious institutes of India namely NIFT, Delhi and Mount Carmel College, Bangalore. Little did she know of the bright career and future she had ahead of herself.

Acing her role as a mother and a wife, Neha moved to Japan with her husband in 2011 when her son was hardly 2 months old. If getting settled in a foreign country wasn’t already hard enough, Neha had a son to raise and a family to run with her husband’s support and was also jostled out of her teaching profession due to the lingual inconvenience in Japan. It wasn’t long before she started exploring the Japanese fashion, style and beauty cosmetic market and sinking into the momentum of it, leaving her with a lot of knowledge.

Her hardships put her through a learning experience full of wonders which led to her emergence as a winner when Neha found Mirror image and Style Pvt.Ltd. in 2013 after moving to Singapore. As she finished her course of Style coaching from Style coaching Institute, London, in 2012, she came across a lot of women who had lost themselves in the process of raising their children. Women usually tend to prioritize their children and families before themselves, hardly giving the love, care and affection their body needs. “Salon visits become infrequent and some even go to the extent of not brushing their hair for 3-4 days!” said Neha, which drove her to combine her passion, her knowledge, and hard work into establishing Mirror image and Style.

Nail Art

Image: Nail art

Mirror Image and Style came up with a brand new concept of not just grooming women with makeup and pampering them but also teaching them hacks to pay attention to themselves and their bodies while not spending much of their value able time on it. Gradually expanding into services like etiquette training for kids, teens, business and makeup and styling for shoots, Mirror image and style was able to root itself  into Singaporean market, marking it’s success.

But as uncertain as life is, Neha had to move back to India soon. Such a setback might discourage a person but Neha with her determination towards her ambition was unstoppable. Once back in Mumbai, she pursued professional courses in Makeup, hair styling, and Nails and within no time Neha Suradkar was offered an opportunity to work with an international HD Professional Makeup brand from Hollywood, U.S.A named Cinema Secrets as a PAN India Makeup Trainer.

Then, she claims her ultimate dream was fulfilled and took place the inception of STYLE-N-FILE on July 2016 in Mumbai. Style-n-file is a studio which provides clients with makeup and nail beauty but is also an academy. The academy has students who are trained as Nail Technicians and Makeup Artists and certified by international brands. With demands for makeup and nail art like never before, the trained professionals for the same are very less which is why Neha came up with the unique concept of Style-n-file.


Image: Doing makeup for a bride

The success of style-n-file happened over a short and quick period of time and the founder was able to create her image in the market as a company which made people look a better version of themselves rather than giving them a complete makeover and changing who they really are. Neha found success as a makeup trainer whose tips and techniques were recognized as simple, practical and easy to follow, aiming at her target customers.

Image:North Indian bride for Cinema Secrets

Image:North Indian bride for Cinema Secrets

Neha Suradkar aspires to make people more comfortable with makeup and make them realize that makeup is not a mask to create a farce image but an enhancer which brings out the best in a person. She wants people to see that makeup is not about money but is rather about quick hacks and tricks which can make people look much better in their own skin.

With loads of experience expanding to a plethora of platforms like being the makeup artist for the celebrity Kathak dancer Smt. Madhurima Mookherji, doing photo shoots of various kinds, being consultants to international makeup brands, teaching basic and advanced makeup to her students and people in need and running her own blog Makeup Sutra- Beyond Lipstick &Kaajal, Neha wants budding entrepreneurs to know that any person looking to startup a new company must put their heads down and work with perseverance, determination and patience towards what they aim to achieve and only then can one reach the pinnacle of success.

Finally, with all the grind that she put herself through to breathe in the winners air, Neha says that as an entrepreneur she feels satisfied only when she knows she is doing what she loves and feels like she has achieved it all when she sees the smiles on her client’s faces and sees the success of her students.

It never is easy for anyone to establish themselves in this tough and competent world and is even tougherfor women. Conquering the biz world and leading the family at the same time calls for a lot of passion, hard work, and patience. But it doesn’t end at that, it is important to recognize the support that the family of an entrepreneur puts behind them which allows them to taste the satisfaction of their dreams coming true and living the life at the epitome.

Neha Suradkar’s story is one such instance which doesn’t fail to inspire all the aspiring entrepreneurs who are waiting for opportunities to knock on their doors and need support from their loved ones to allow them to fly.