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The Nutritionist Who Is Teaching The Art Of Eating Rightly And Smartly!

When someone chooses a career option, which has been inspired from his or her own life experiences, then the chances of giving their 100% to that work increase manifold and that directly relates to success in the chosen field. This is something which happened with Jasleen Kaur, who is now by profession a Nutritionist and a Dietician and is also the Founder and Mentor of the JUST DIET CLINIC, which was started in 2013 with the mission to make people aware about healthy eating. They make diet plans which everyone can follow easily as they let their clients eat almost everything.

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Founder of Just Diet Clinic, Jasleen Kaur

In her own words, Jasleen was a carefree teenager who loved junk food and never thought about her weight. By the time, she became 20-years-old, her weight was five times her age; that is almost 100 kgs. One day she looked into the mirror and realised that she didn’t like what she saw, and that became the milestone moment of her life, because after that, she took the plunge to lose weight and gain health. She started off by going on long walks and monitored her diet. Later, she got herself enrolled in a course on nutrition and dietetics. And then, she did her B.A.S.M. So, what had started as a personal goal to become healthy, became the goal of her life, where she helps others become healthy. She feels that because she herself had been where her clients are, she is able to help them much more empathetically.

Although, the degree of nutrition awareness has changed in recent years and people have become more fitness oriented, one of the drawbacks that Jasleen faces in her field is that people think that they can lose weight by not eating.  And this is where, Jasleen helps her clients, she tells to eat rightly and smartly. The clinic gives healthy diet plans and gets in touch with their clients on a regular basis and try to teach them the art of eating, so that they lose weight, and gain health. Her approach has helped her Clinic tremendously and today she has more than 500 clients.

Now because we were interviewing a renowned Nutritionist and Dietician, we thought we could get some weight loss tips for our readers. When we asked her, how could we lose weight during the winter season, when the general perception is that losing weight in this season is a tough task, she said that actually winters are the best time to lose weight. That is because we can eat all the fruits and vegetables and we get a great weight loss agent, grapefruit in this season. People trying to lose weight should in fact try to drink more water, so that the problem of water retention doesn’t come up. And last but not the least, she also emphasises that to lose weight, one has to give equal importance to diet and exercising; they both have to go hand in hand, only then we can shake hands with fitness in the long run.

To get in touch with Jasleen Kaur, check out her Website and Facebook Page.