Things To Know Before Your Bridal Body Polishing

If you are getting married or your best friend is about to tie the knot then read on because we are answering some very important questions regarding the body polishing as part of a wedding beauty treatment.

Dear bride-to-be doesn’t get overwhelmed by the number of suggestions you are receiving and don’t over pressurise yourself. Take a deep breath; we know you want to look absolutely gorgeous on your big day and trust us you will. You will make a wonderful bride so just calm down and work on your mental relaxation before anything else.

Ultimate guide to pre-wedding body care

You must have got a lot of tips about the skin treatments for face and even hands and feet, but there is less attention given to the body. We understand that on your wedding you want to glow from head to toe and that is why we are here with the ultimate guide body polishing exclusively for the bride-to-be.

Body Polishing

It is basically a skin treatment in which products made of natural ingredients are used (preferably). The products cleanse and moisturise the body. Polishing your body is the best way to exfoliate your skin and make your body glow on the wedding day. It is one of the common treatments offered at almost every salon you just need to make sure that the body polishing is included in your pre-bridal services. It’s never advisable to lurk over low prices always consider the quality of service and be sure you’re in best hands, however, beauty discount codes and vouchers are exceptional.

The Procedure

Almost every salon do it the same away with some exceptional add-ons here and there. Ideally, you have to take off all clothes don’t worry you’ll be covered in a towel throughout the process. If you are not comfortable still, then you can wear something, but in this case, too you have to be half-naked. Make sure you become comfortable before the treatment begins. There is no need to panic and get worried as the beauticians are incredibly professional in dealing such situations plus it is your first time, not theirs.

You’ll be provided with a comfortable platform to lie down that will relax the body. To begin with, you’ll have to lie down face first. The first part is scrubbing, and your body will be scrubbed one part at a time. The scrub is cleansed with the cleanser, and after cleansing, massage begins with a cream. The body is then rinsed off with lukewarm water.

It takes around 40 to 45 minutes for bridal body polishing, and you should take a warm bath after the session. The warm bath will wash off the remaining products from the skin.

Your face is not included in this treatment because the face skin is softer than the rest of the body.


It is highly beneficial for the skin as it removes dead cells and makes skin healthy, fresh, and attractive. The exfoliation of the body gives it a supple feel. It also hydrates the body, and it becomes neither oily nor dry. The process of body polishing is highly therapeutic and relaxing. It cleanses the skin and open pores to allow the skin to breathe.

Measures To Make It Last Long

It should be carried out at least a week prior to the wedding. It would settle down in a week and will look more natural. If you are taking multiple body polishing sessions, then you need to maintain a one week gap between each of them — this way the body gets used to the treatment.

The body polish over-do will make the body unrealistically shiny and unattractive so make sure you are not overdoing it if having multiple sessions.

Until the sessions are complete and to the day of the wedding after the session try to avoid direct exposure to the sunlight. Keep your body moisturise as much as possible.

Medical Clearance Is A Must

If you are allergic to something or having an infection, suffering from fever or God forbid any other disease, then it is not advisable. You should take a medical clearance before going for it. If you have a burn on the body ask the beautician to leave that part untouched. No matter how much we stressed, it is still not enough that you need to be medically cleared for body polishing.

You can also ask the beautician to use certain products on your body, and you can even ask to use your own products. If you are comfortable with the essential oils or Aloe Vera gel you can add them in the process too.

Things To Discuss With The Beautician

Apart from all these things, there are some other important factors that you need to discuss with the beautician before starting the treatment. These include the following:

Skin Type

Every skin type is different and different products are used according to the kind of skin a person has. You need to be sure about your skin type and must have a detail discussion about it with the beautician.


As mentioned before if you are prone to allergies, then you must seek a medical clearance. If you know what products and ingredients are not suitable for you, then be very clear and tell your beautician before the process begins.


This is a proper skin treatment, and you must consider it like one. Make it a point to check the product brands and expiration dates. Don’t forget the basics between your pampering sessions.


Ask the beautician what precautions you should take before and after the session to make it last longer.


Mostly the body polishing sessions don’t require follow-ups, but you should discuss just in case.

End Note

Hope we are able to reduce the anxiety you are having regarding the big day ahead. Just remember to be yourself and do as you like because these are your last bachelor memories make them worth it, you girl. Pamper yourself and be tension free the more relaxed you are more glowing skin you’ll have. Don’t let the stress take over for it is not about a single day it is about welcoming a new chapter of life.

Congratulations and good luck!