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Think being an entrepreneur is your life’s calling? Read on to find out if you really are cut out for the job.

Entrepreneurs with great passion make the impossible happen. Such is the passion that has driven a generation of entrepreneurs to success. Being an entrepreneur isn’t all about the glamorous lifestyle on social media. It isn’t about driving expensive cars, wearing expensive watches or sitting on a hammock with a laptop in your hand and sipping a margarita on a Caribbean island.

These are things the world wants to see is what they don’t is all the hard work, the relentless hours and efforts these individuals put in an idea they believe can make can change the world, an idea that can make a difference.

Even though their lifestyle inspires us, makes us want to one day live that life, the challenges they faced to come up aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. It is one thing having an idea and a complete another to make it a reality.

Think being an entrepreneur is your life’s calling? Read on to find out if you really are cut out for the job.

Disconnecting from friends and family, working a balance between life and work are the sacrifices these individuals have made to make their dream come true. Being an Entrepreneur isn’t all sunshine and rainbows and here are five disadvantages of being one.

Giving up a stable job
To be an entrepreneur, the first problem you face is leaving your old job behind. Dedicating yourself entirely to a business you want to nurture and see become a success cannot be done simultaneously with your old profession.

If you plan on making it big, have a chance of growing significantly, you’re going to have to leave your day job.

Its one thing planning everything and another having the money to put all of it into action. Financing their ideas isn’t as easy as it sounds and is one of the biggest tasks of being an entrepreneur.

As a new entrepreneur, you’ll have to work from the ground up which means you’ll be dialing a lot of numbers, sending a lot of emails and meeting a lot of people and be rejected a number of times before you actually land one.

Gathering co-workers who will work for you
This is very difficult if you’ve never had the experience of managing a team or working in one but even if you have, making a bunch of people believe in your product and managing them is a whole different task altogether.

Its not enough to find people with specific skills, you need to be able to pay them, keep them together even in times of rifts, how they fit in with each other and how they will benefit the team overall.

Work-life becomes tricky and sometimes non-existent
Probably the hardest part of being an entrepreneur is making a balance between your work and social life. Since you’re working almost all the time with barely any time to sleep, you will find it difficult to make time for friends and family.

Working round the clock you’ll find it increasingly difficult to commit yourself to anyone outside your work cycle and in this process you’ll grow out of relationships with many people.

Not having a steady source of money
“It all comes down to the currency. Money is the largest factor that has many new entrepreneurs give up their dreams. It’s not easy, especially if you don’t come from a wealthy background.

Until and unless you find some funding for your company, being able to pay people working for you, making ends meet will become very difficult, it will make you give up everything and go back to the routine life you were used to before you decided to step in and make it big.

By no means being an entrepreneur is an easy job, you will face an uphill task that will make you want to quit, but before you do, think about why you held on for so long.

Don’t let the problems bring you down, don’t let life’s little obstacles keep you from trying. Don’t let your fears keep you from dreaming. Don’t give up for any reason, believe in yourself.