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The time has come for the buds to blossom: A Motivation for the future entrepreneurs

Waking up in the morning, getting ready for the school (college), listening to those boring lectures (exception for few), completing the homework, exams, results and again back to lectures. The life of a student has become monotonous (similar to a corporate life). Most of the students lack innovation these days, whereas few students have no idea about their future. In this fast-moving world, where the race to survive and succeed starts right from the moment you are inside your mother’s womb, it is difficult to accomplish something without planning ahead. Students can make their school and college lives enthralling and engaging and can make their own money for their futures. But how? “ALL IT TAKES IS A LITTLE PUSH!”

                                                                          “To predict the future, first create one.”

To predict the future, first create one
To predict the future, first create one

Entrepreneurship has reached its golden era. It is so fascinating to see people build their own ideas and come out in flying colours. The word business was considered as a daydream for many in the past. But with the advent of technology, everything has been made simple and reachable. The government and many Organisations are coming forward to fund any captivating ideas.

                                                                  “Let your brain think and the heart initiate.”

Let your brain think and the heart initiate

Entrepreneurship has no age limit. To become an entrepreneur all you need is just an effective idea. Students can use this as a doorstep to reach the epitome of success. Each and every student must begin their journey instead of waiting for the prophecy to call out their name. We have many mavericks to set as inspirations.

Everyone would’ve heard of OYO rooms. But how many of you know the story behind the name? A 23-year-old guy named Ritesh Agarwal rocked the business market with his splendid idea. He is a college drop-out (Yes you read it correctly) but has made business as his platform to achieve fame. One day his parents locked their house and he didn’t have the keys with him which forced Ritesh to stay in a nearby hotel. The hotel gave him a forgettable stay as the room was disgusting without basic amenities. This planted the idea inside Ritesh to standardize mediocre hotels. This turned out to be the idea of his life and brought him the success he is rejoicing today.

                                                                             “Experience comes with failures”

Experience always come with failure.

The future is waiting to embrace the entrepreneurs as engineering and medicine have become uniform and humdrum. Entrepreneurship has different fields. We all would’ve played this addictive game. But it has an untold story behind it. The developers behind the game lost their plot and faced many failures before the launch of it. All their games were huge flops and failed to attract the audience. They even thought of giving up but gave themselves one last chance, which turned out to be a massive hit and stands as one of the most downloaded games in the play store. ‘The angry birds’ is the name of the game.

The wizards behind these creations are not born wise. They had the idea inside them and worked hard towards their destiny. Likewise, we have an enormous number of people to list out. Entrepreneurship has no gender restrictions. The world has started witnessing women coming out as successful entrepreneurs.

                                             “Entrepreneurs create, they take risks and they live their passion.”

The biggest risk is not taking any risk.

To those student out there, start where you are, believe in self, trust your inner voice, have the courage and guts to take high risks, never underrate your ideas, work hard towards your idea, build castles in the air and make it happen, never give up, don’t get pissed off, face failures with a smile and learn from those failures, keep your chin high and heart fresh. Students are not only future leaders, they are the future entrepreneurs.

“The ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do (yes, they are the entrepreneurs!)”~Steve Jobs