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Tips to start your day right

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Time flies. I guess none of us would want to disagree with this statement. We’ve been growing by the day and living each day by participating in the race of life. But hey! Have we ever paused for a moment to glance back at how are we living that life? Are we making the most of each day? Are we attaining the goals we have set for ourselves, on a regular basis? I guess not. That’s the reason we need routines and patterns that would help us achieve the most in the least possible time. Yes, time management is the word which is the need of the hour; and to begin the routine right, morning is where one has to start. A quote by Tim Ferriss states that “If you win the morning, you win the day!”

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You have the freedom to start your day by hitting the snooze button or by being an early riser. You can pull on your blankets and sleep till late mornings or can wake up early and utilize every bit of your time. But, in order to be productive, effective and regret-free all your life, having a look at the rising sun and following a few healthy habits is a must. Here, mentioned below are some disciplines, if followed, can make each of your days the most fertile ones.

  1. Dawn is the way to more life.
    “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” This is the quote we were taught during our growing years. Well, education is not all that bad you see! A research has shown that early risers are more successful, highly proactive, effective planners, great at anticipating problems and extremely productive. During this calm and hustle free hour of the day, unobstructed thoughts, and energy flow in tremendous amounts. Not to mention, when the day starts early, you have more time to think, introspect and act. Not only are you able to inculcate several different activities, but can also concentrate on each of them very well.
  1. Get your heartbeat rising a little.
    Any kind of physical activity or exercise is a prerequisite to an appropriate functional body. This is not only for your lungs or heart but for the entire system within you. Exercise helps in improvement of metabolism and stamina which in turn helps in processing and digesting everything you eat. Apart from keeping you in shape, morning workout is the best source of energy enhancement and a great mood-booster. Along with physical health, exercising also promotes the secretion of hormones which in turn takes care of the mental health and wellbeing.
  1. Get in tune with your inner self.
    To be at peace with one’s inner self is the best gift a man can ask for. Achieving this gift takes just a little time out of the 24 hours one gets. Meditation is the key to a happy and in-synced soul. It not only helps build concentration and attention but also cures common health ailments. A calm and relaxed mind is the key to stress-free life and also the reason behind emotional stability and positive attitude. It is rightly said, “The quieter you become, the more can you hear”. Focussing on the soul can even compensate for the lack of sleep one has had, resulting in a deeply relaxed and peaceful state of mind. With mental strength thriving, conquering of tasks becomes a walk in the park. You may even start to have ‘aha moments’ and strong insights if you meditate on a daily basis.
  1. Eat breakfast like a king!
    Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. According to a research, healthy and heavy breakfast causes 20% more productivity and 25% more job satisfaction. Mornings are the most energy consuming parts of a day due to which, right amounts of supplements and nutrients have to be consumed. When the diet is right, energy level shoots up, making the start of the day lively and active. A proper morning meal also causes fewer hunger pangs throughout the day and thus helps in maintaining the right weight. As we all know, the way to a healthy mind is through the stomach. When the intake is right, the mental functioning automatically improves!
  1. Tidiness is next to mindfulness
    Mess not only makes the room look ugly but also messes up with the mind. The first step to having a clear sense of direction is to have your surroundings tidied up. When the neighboring area looks orderly, life by itself comes in good shape. Apart from things being arranged in place, the surrounding should look appealing too. One way of having a beautiful and impactful neighborhood is to maintain a garden. It could be as small as having plants near the window, or as large as a terrace full of leaves and flowers. Cultivating and maintaining a garden would not give you a sense of responsibility, but also a serene environment to look forward to. When you see yourself doing well with the plants, early in the morning, a sense of achievement is felt which makes the morning indeed very good.
  1. Plan it out.
    It is hard to get out of bed without having a reason to do so. Thus, to be motivated to leave your cozy bed, make a to-do list the previous night itself. Chalk out your plan and pen down your goals the night before, so when you wake up, you have a plan ready for the day. More than the extrinsic motivation, it is the intrinsic motivation that pays off. Thus, when a target is in front of the eyes, laboring becomes easier. The quiet hours of the morning can be extremely fruitful and without hindrances, therefore letting you give your 100%. And when the day is planned, allotting and having time for every chore of the day becomes feasible.
  1. Expressing can work wonders!
    Reminding yourself of all the things you are thankful and grateful for can put in perspective just how lucky you are. Thanksgiving need not be celebrated just once a year, but every day. Appreciating and expressing gratitude not only makes the day of the receiver but also the giver. Even when something bothers you, penning it down is a wonderful idea. Putting pen and paper together gets you more connected to your truest feelings, as compared to just thinking it out. With the mind free of any concerns or restraints, life becomes simpler and clearer.

Irrespective of what routine you follow, it is important to start it right. The most crucial point is to take care of yourself. Make sure to have a morning routine that gives your mind and body what they need, in order to take on the day refreshed, re-motivated and recharged. This will help you become more productive while optimizing your time efficiently.