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Tired of Finding Good Clothes for Your Dog? Here are 7 Fashion Brands that Make Dog Clothes

Dogs are man’s best friend. Don’t they also deserve to wear designer clothes just like us? The answer is a big yes. Now, how do we upgrade our pups from the local made pet-shop clothes to the internationally made designer clothes? Don’t worry, here are eight well-known fashion brands that design specialized clothes for the furry members of your family:

  • Ralph Lauren: The highly reputed global fashion label, Ralph Lauren has a special collection made just for dogs. Their size ranges from extra small to large and includes designer leather collars ranging from $95 to $115. Some of their ‘dog collection’ highly resembles the human-sized collection. There are plenty of cable knit sweaters and pastel polo shirts to add to your dog’s wardrobe.
RALPH LAUREN Cashmere Dog Sweater
  • Barbour: The British brand, known for its cozy coats, offers to style your dog for all the weathers. They offer a wide range of dog coats to keep them warm and dry. Their Battersea Waxed Dog Coat ($57)and the Tartan Dog Coat ($50) are a must-add to your dog’s wardrobe.
Barbour Dog Coat
  • Temellini: This Italian brand has taken it onto them to make your furry friends look elegant and become the centre of attraction wherever they go! They offer a wide range of smooth and glossy outfits and accessories perfect to make your dog the best dressed amongst the lot.
Temellini Dog’s Coat
  • Heron Preston: Need a stylish shirt or a jacket for your dog? This is the brand for you! Hero Preston offers to make your dogs look and sassy. The brand collaborated with the dog clothing brand V.I.P. (Very Important Puppies)to start a line of stylish garments just for the dogs.
Tired of Finding Good Clothes for Your Dog? Here are 7 Fashion Brands that Make Dog Clothes
Heron Preston Launches Adorable Dog Clothing Collaboration With Very Important Puppies
  • Moschino and H&M: The two world-famous fashion brands have partnered up to design ready-to-wear designer garments just for the dogs. Although H&M doesn’t have a permanent line of clothing for dogs, this line of collection is an interesting addition to their human-sized offerings.
H&M Do’s SweatShirt
  • Moncler: The luxury fashion label is well-known for its elegant, stylish and warm jackets for humans and now for dogs! The Italian brand has now hooked up with dog clothing brand Poldo Dog Couture to start their limited edition MONDOG dog jacket ($450).
MonoDog Jacket
  • Adidas: Is your dog a sporty street guy who loves to jump and play around? Adidas has the perfect jacket for your sporty pup! These jackets range from $10 to $16 and have color choices.
Adidog Jacket

Now that you know about these fashion brands that have specialized collection for dogs, go get your puppies some designer wears because ‘why should humans have all the fun?’