Who you are tomorrow, begins with what you do today.

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It’s often said that people won’t be remembered for what they’ve achieved or how successful they were, but for how they were as a person, in totality. So, is our mantra of wanting to be successful in life correct? Are we aiming for the right things? Is the definition of success that’s on the internet and in our heads, accurate? No! This is so because we’ve undermined a lot of aspects that go into making a person successful. We look at success as being able to achieve a particular goal in life, and more often than not, this goal is work-related. However, what goes into being at the top of the ladder is nor sheer hard-work and education about the field, but a number of other elements and habits, that need perseverance and efforts. These mannerisms are alike, irrespective of the field you want to flourish in.


Let’s browse through some, quickly…

I. When they matter, life matters.
As rightly said, home is where family is. And this doesn’t just include our blood relatives,but our friends too. They are our extended family. Success is but, just a word, if it’s not for, and with them. When we have our loved ones by our side, accomplishing what we are
aiming for, become much easier and more fun. Our dearies don’t just celebrate each step of our achievement, but they are our mirrors that help us conquer it in the right manner. They are our critics, our motivators, our stress-busters, our celebration-partners, in short,
they are our reason for existence. Thus, in order to achieve triumph, valuing and spending time with loved ones is one
prerequisite. If you can’t take out time for them, you are not worthy of attaining what
you’ve longed for, all this while.

Change is the only thing constant
Loved ones die, people get promoted, jobs end, people get married and situations keep changing. What we need to learn is, to embrace these changes with open arms. Positive changes can sometimes be as hard to accept as the negative ones. Adapting and adjusting is a choice. We can choose to live peacefully by accepting the alterations, or we make sulk and become miserable. Changes are, many times, uninvited. Mutations have the capacity to make or break an individual. Thus, it is in our hands to decide whether we
want to evolve and grow with the new developments or to remain where we are, and see
our bubble of flourishing, burst.
Therefore, think before reacting as not all changes are for the worst. You might be in for a pleasant surprise really very soon.

The biggest risk is not taking a risk
We often over-estimate the probability of something going wrong. Daniel Kahneman had once written that while assessing risks, potential risks tend to loom larger than potential gains. We catastrophize the worst-case scenarios in our heads which leads us to become blind-sighted and thus, restricting us from self-exploration and knowing our potentials. Since our focus magnifies the loses that might be caused due risk-taking, we are not able to look at the real situation and thus, end up misjudging. This lets us into underestimation and buying into self-doubt, which causes failure to get the better of us. The result due to this is that we avoid taking up challenges and compromise on what we had dreamt of, in the first place.
So, if victory is what you’re looking for, indulge in taking calculated risks. Because until you try, you are ought not to know.

Work hard to party harder
Goal-setting is the beginning of any journey. However, setting too vast targets in the beginning itself, is foolishness. Thus, for starters, one should go in for achievable and tangible goals that can be accomplished easily. Once we get a kick from this minor
achievement, refinement is a must. Setting bigger and broader goals following each
conquest is what will take us to have the sky as our limit. However, if we get stuck with
the accomplishment of the smaller targets, success would become a distant dream.
Moreover, not just the goals, but the dedication towards conquering it should also be
revised and improved. Therefore, in order to succeed, being wise with the goal setting and a having a plan to achieve it, is what will take you to the zenith.

The joy of giving
If we genuinely want to flourish and grow, we need to become mothers. Not literally, but figuratively. Just like a mother is selfless, we too should receive joy in giving, without expecting anything, but love, in return. If we are able to put our profits aside and go an extra mile to help the people around us, we’ll become the true achiever. And yes, giving selflessly does evoke a feeling of joy and happiness.
Try it yourself! Give someone something and forget about it. The result of this small deed of yours would not only give you immense pleasure but satisfaction and pride too. A person who can give selflessly is the person remembered and respected forever.

Man is a social animal
For our selfish needs, we happen to be cordial with a lot of people. But have we tried to connect instead of network? In this digitalized world of ours, we hope a click to connect us to the world. But is this how it is working? I’m not sure if we even know our Facebook friends’ that well, to write a single paragraph on each of them. The connection is not sending a friend/follow request to people. Connection happens with a mutual interaction. It happens when there are things communicated, interests in common and benefits that are shared. Connecting with positive people, who inspire, rather than negative people, who discourage is a key to success. When people around are genuine, growth is what you would experience.

Little things that matter much
Finding happiness and satisfaction in small things of life is one of the greatest boons one could ever get. Such a person would never be short of contentment and hope. This is exactly what is needed to develop and swell. When the requirements in life are petty, optimism and well-being are sure to follow.

Knight in shining armour
We might be having the best degree, the best work-life and best of everything else, but is it worth it? What is our degree even helping us in, if it’s not being used to do something for our dearies? After achieving what we had dreamt of, what are our plans for the future?
Being humble enough, being considerate enough and being kind enough is what is going to lead us to an appealing and fulfilling life. Appreciation would come in when we show
tenderness and empathy.

Failure is but a learning experience
Failure is a part and parcel of life, and if we do not experience it, success is not what we have achieved. In this case, we would be work in progress. Being able to face setbacks is the most powerful weapon we can own, in our entire lifetime. The key to come out of failure is to work harder the next time, and to prove it to oneself that, “I could, I can and I will”. So next time you fall, get up and come out stronger. Because this is just a ‘comma’, not a ‘full-stop’.

Dedication doesn’t have an off-season
Perseverance and constant dedication is vital for any job to be accomplished, let alone achieving success. Constant efforts is what it takes to build the empire we had envisaged of. Until we work towards our aim every single day, it is hard to even imagine it being formulated and brought to action. On the ladder of success, every step counts and every step is an accomplishment in itself.

So grab your backpacks and start climbing the ladder, steadily, one step at a time.