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Travel solo with these handy tips and let yourself loose

Image Source: Unplash

Everyone’s schedule, these days, is so busy and so filled up that it has become hard to take time out for travelling with friends, peers or family. It becomes difficult for different schedules to intersect and plan a trip out together. Solo trips are now becoming popular for just the right reasons. Your schedules don’t match? Go solo! You want to find peace and connect with your inner self? Go solo! You want to do want whatever you want without anyone’s recommendation or comments? Go solo! There’s no better feeling when you’re travelling solo, by yourself and with yourself.

However, it isn’t an easy task. You’ve to keep a lot of things in mind while travelling solo. Always remember to pack light; it is you by yourself carrying everything. So, packing light has to be on your mind when you’re exploring alone. Your list of essentials must contain a first aid kit. It is quintessential to your luggage. Other things like raingear, warm clothes, etc must also be packed. When you’re out going solo, you need to pack thoroughly and spend a more time packing than you’d do otherwise when travelling with other people.

One of the biggest issues you may face is that you wouldn’t know what to do and where to go. For instance, you won’t know where to find good food or good accommodation. But, to solve such problems, do what you’d do when in your hometown. Google it, use restaurant and hotel apps, check reviews and viola! You got it!

Always try to blend in with the town. Be confident, that’s the key. The more you travel solo, the better you get at it. Travelling solo, also, doesn’t mean you’ve to be alone throughout and hike alone. You can always join other tours and tourists and enjoy with them on occasion. For accommodation, hostels are the best for solo travellers. Being in a hotel or an apartment constantly would feel very lonely and isolated. However, in a hostel, you’re there with other travellers and it doesn’t feel alone at all. You make friends, share experiences and just integrate.

When safety comes in question, make sure someone at home has a general idea about your whereabouts. They don’t need to know where you are at an exact hour but make sure they know where you’re staying the night. As a solo, traveller, you should be extra aware of your surroundings.  You don’t have to be paranoid, just be alert on what’s happening around you.

There’s one important thing to keep in mind. Only travel solo when you think you’re ready to travel solo. It’s okay to worry on a solo trip, but if you make yourself sick and dread the trip, then maybe you aren’t ready yet. Always trust your gut, no matter where you are or which country you’re in. Always trust your gut.

The more you travel solo, the more you learn and the more you expand your horizons. It is one of a kind experience that answers a lot of questions and makes you know yourself better.