Accessorise or Agonize? Tsara is a jewellery start up that brings to you the joy of matching your aesthetics and accessories

Women like to accessorize but not agonise about getting ready. And with an aim to tune down the agony, Natasha Jagwani and Tarun Jagwani, came up with their unique jewellery start up, Tsara.

Most of us have at some parts of our lives obsessed over accessories and jewelleries, and have also realized how tough it is to figure out the perfect design and style to suit our taste.

 Natasha Jagwani and Tarun Jagwani with their kid


At Tsara, the focus is to design and create destination jewellery for the modern Indian women. They create 4 different styling lines, and launch a new collection every 2-3 months.

The idea for Tsara was born when during a destination wedding in Udaipur, Natasha and Tarun found one of Natasha’s gold bangles missing and realized, as a 3rd generation gold and diamond jeweller, that the bangle was made in their factory, so it was just a monetary loss and the bangle could be remade again.

After which, while in discussion with Tarun’s mother, they came up with the idea to create jewellery. Such jewellery that women can wear to destination weddings, that but looks like, if not better, than gold and Diamond accessories.


Check out Tsara products at www.tsara.in

Using their expertise of being a gold and diamond jewellery manufacture for generations, the Jagwanis through Tsara bring a sense of design and aesthetics to their creations. Something that makes every customer question whether what they create is gold and diamond jewellery, making it the USP of their start-up.

But the road was never this easy, on asking about the ups and downs of their journey, the co-founders were of the view that one of the big lessons learnt is that some people will not see value in your products, and eventually you must stop focusing on trying to convince them, but rather focus on the customers who see value in your products.

Who travel and socialize a lot and who like to try out different but don’t see the point in buying jewellery that will sit in the lockers most of the time.

With this motivation, Tsara has future plans to do a lot of collaborations for both online and offline activity ultimately bringing value to the clients.

Behind all of the hard work lies the satisfaction when, according to Tarun and Natasha, women wear Tsara jewellery and come up to mention how many times they have worn it with different outfits.

When women tag them on social media flaunting the jewellery and share how satisfied they are with their purchase.


All in all, as successful entrepreneurs, Tarun and Natasha give the advice to others looking to start up – ‘Trying different things till you find the skills you are good at.

It is hard, but if you like what you are doing and are good at it, focus on what you are good at and collaborate with others who can need your services and grow from there. This will easily help you get over the obstacles which you will face as an entrepreneur.’


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