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The Uphill Battle of a Madhulika Mehta, Founder SatinVogue Breaking the Glass Ceiling One Garment at a time!

The world is too small to contain ambitious female entrepreneurs under a glass ceiling; especially those who are determined to make their mark. If you ask the Indian youth today what their dream or goal in life is, most of them would say that it is to be part of a platform that belongs solely to them. By Me, For Me is the new motto that is trending around the country. Madhulika Mehta, Founder SatinVogue

Satin Vogue Story -Flairtales, Madhulika Mehta
Madhulika Mehta, Founder SatinVogue

The Journey

The journey was quite the same for our very own young and aspiring entrepreneur, Madhulika Mehta. She is the proud owner of her company, SatinVogue, a women’s clothing brand. She has begun the journey of turning her passion into reality and is continuing to challenge destiny all the way to the finish line to pave her own path in this humongous world of artists and creators. A fresh face in the budding world of fashion, her journey assembles experimenting with the conventional to portraying a new outlook on women’s fashion needs.

Like most people, career choices were a tough nut to crack for Ms. Mehta. The bridge between passion and obsession is built from a thin line, often where many slip up. However, decisions become easier when you know what the heart wants and especially when the universe sends you signs; be it in the form of a meeting an important person or a little advice from a stranger which leaves you inspired to the zenith.

How it all started


The important person she happened to meet goes by the name of Mr. Ram Lashkari. She met him on a journey to Jodhpur, and they got to talking. He suggested her to continue building something of her own. A little thought on the matter and she was sure of what she had to do. Inspiration can come from any corner of the world and it certainly holds true for her.

In the past year, she has been a busy woman. She has been organizing and consolidating her brand work, while simultaneously pursuing her academics in a one-year executive programme in Sales and Marketing from the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Calcutta. She is grateful to her dear friend, Shreya Agarwal and her mother who convinced her to enroll in this programme. She also expressed her gratitude to Zulaykha Ahmed, Mohit Verma, Harsh Vardhan Sarda, Sharad and Megha More for being a backbone throughout this entire process for her.

Madhulika Mehta, Flairtales

She recalls that the initial days were difficult for her as she had joined the course half-heartedly. But in her conversation with the team presently, she said that she has become closer to the world of marketing and business with familiarity to practical and real experiences because of pursuing this course.

The challenges


Life on the inside is not always fun and fame for budding entrepreneurs. It takes an uphill battle to build a relationship with one’s customers. Her company, SatinVogue had its own moments of rejection and non-payment issues, but these little failures proved to be a beneficial learning experience for her to understand the pros and cons of an entrepreneurial industry.

She shared an exciting moment in the building of her brand with us. She wanted her brand name to have words relating to fashion and fabric both so that it sounds royal and attractive. After a brainstorming session, she came up with SatinVogue. She immediately went online and checked to see if the name had already been taken. When she was sure that it was still unregistered, at once she decided on it and finalised SatinVogue as her brand name.

When asked about her relationship with her clients, Ms. Mehta highlighted that she mainly focuses on her clients’ preferences and interests, and most importantly, their individualized needs. Her company customises and makes apparels as per the customer’s requirement for various types of occasions. She strongly believes in the satisfaction of her customers through her work. Her start-up resembles a huge shift in global market.

According to her, the sole purpose of continuing her work is by working on the art of balance. Being the sole proprietor of her company, she is clearly aware of the danger that might befall SatinVogue if decisions were to be taken from an unsteady mind. But, to prevent this from happening, she has her own solution- A cup of black coffee and a few moments with herself and God. It might run true, what antibiotics cannot do in a minute, black coffee does in a second.

Satin v
Satin Vogue Ready-to-wear dresses

Madhulika Mehta as a person

She believes that it is never too late to develop new interests and begin working on it. She considers the necessity of personality development, which can only take place if we allow ourselves to face the storm in order to bring back the strength to look forward to a brighter and better future. She believes in encouraging the youth to read inspirational stories about respective fellow designers who left a mark in their field with complete dedication. She also strongly agrees with the notion to travel to expand one’s horizon and have a better understanding and a broader outlook on one’s purpose.

She also has a heart that yearns for travelling – be it solo or with likeminded people. The joy of travelling to distant shores rejuvenates her body, mind and soul and inspiration strikes. We might see beautiful designs from around the world that she has in store for us, literally. Another fun fact about her, she is an enthusiastic learner of Mandarin and hopes to continue learning it.

The platform for budding entrepreneurs in India has never been easy. Truth be told, every success story revolves around years and years of failure and most importantly, a lack of opportunity. Wherein, on one hand, dreamers are encouraged, on the other, doers are criticized. The fashion industry has been revolving around a few names and their labels since decades. What these aspiring female entrepreneurs need is their call for an opportunity and a clear platform to establish their own products and be recognized for it. Miss Mehta had her call after earnestly listening to her heart and following her dreams. This is what happens when passion meets platform.

Being the first female businesswoman in her entire family, she said that she owes her heartfelt gratitude to her parents, uncle and her grandfather, whose firm beliefs led to her having faith in the beautiful truth that– ‘failure is nothing but simply a mindset.’ After four years of learning, self-improving, imbibing and most importantly, struggling to make its work recognized, her company, SatinVogue finally landed strongly on their feet because of her limitless thoughts, aspirations and hard work. It’s true what they say, success comes to those who dream and dare.

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