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Want to make your startup successful, lavish your PR

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Startup businesses always have an eagle’s eye on how to become a hit in the market. And for that, they spend millions and millions on advertising. But what if I tell you that spending half of it on public relations will produce better results.  As Institute of Public Relations USA states  “Public Relations are the deliberate, planned and sustained effort to set up and support mutual understanding between on organization and its publics“. As Bill Gates has rightly said, “If I was down to my last dollar, I would spend it on public relations.” And if you’re asking why? Then answer to this question is:


Reasons to opt for public relations:


As startups, you don’t have colossal budgets to spend on big advertisements; this is where public relations work as a fortune saver.

Builds credibility

Public relations work on an image building ingredient which is known as credibility. The consumers get the best information about your organization or business through campaigns and press releases or through the intermediaries connected with your public relation organization. And by that a good perception is formed in the mindsets of the people.

Works as a crisis management

Sometimes a business goes through a period where it does not have enough to save itself from the crisis and that’s where the faith you have gained in your public relations start acting as an important asset to guard your business.


Public relations firms stay accountable for any mishap and come out with strategies to regain the trust and fix the damages done to the company.

Evaluation follows up

Public relation after executing the planned strategies takes feedback on your behalf through surveys or person to person approach and then works in future so unlike advertising where you cannot ask the feedback of your audience.