WhatsApp updates itself with Group-Calling feature and more to come up.

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WhatsApp may be the anchor to the messaging world today, however, it lacked one feature that most of its rivals had to offer- the group video calling feature. Now, this milestone too has been accomplished by the world’s fastest growing social network, which has a customer base of more than one billion people.

WhatsApp had introduced the voice calling feature in early 2015 and the video calling feature in late 2016. Though this application started as an instant messenger, the new features are making it ever more powerful.

It has already become a dominating application in the calling world, with more than two billion minutes of voice and video calls being accredited under its networking system.

Earlier this month, on May 1st, 2018, Facebook had its developer conference F8, where they revealed a few changes that were going to be made in applications that come under the umbrella of Facebook. As known, Facebook is the parental company of WhatsApp, and the conference revealed a few immediate changes that the messenger was about to undergo.



One of these modifications is the group calling feature that has already debuted on some users’ apps. This feature has been rolled out only selectively as of now, and no, it is not on the basis of invitations.

The feature update, according to Zuckerberg, will be available to all WhatsApp users in a couple of weeks. However, only those with an Android version 2.18.145 and above and iOS versions 2.18.52 and above will be able to have access and to enjoy this new feature of group calling.

In order to check whether your WhatsApp version has received this update, the following steps could be followed:

  1. Open WhatsApp.
  2. Make a video call to one of your contacts.
  3. Look out for an “Add Participant” option at the top right corner of the call window.
  4. If this option is visible, you are one of the few users to have received this update. If not, wait for its global rollout, which is expected soon.


This feature, Zuckerberg said, fulfills the company’s aim to create “new ways for people to connect privately with close friends, groups, and businesses”.

WhatsApp’s group video call feature enables users to add up to four participants in a single call, made through the app.

A number of other novel features that are soon to roll out in the updated versions include

  • Group Descriptions – a short blurb will appear under the group info tab that will allow users to set the purpose, guidelines or topics for the group.

It would also show any new member’s description when s/he is added.

  • Admin Authority – a control that will allow the admin to restrict selected members from changing group’s subject, icon and description. 
  • Admins will also be able to remove admin permissions of other group participants.

    Furthermore, a group’s creator cannot be removed from his/her group.

  • ‘Group Catch-Up’ Option – any user, who has been away from the group chat for a long time, can quickly catch-up on messages that have them mentioned, by merely tapping on the ‘@’ button that would appear.
  • Protection control – users cannot be added to a single group repeatedly, which they have left. Aren’t we excited for these new updates to come super soon on our WhatsApps?!


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