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A Winter Wardrobe Is Incomplete Without These Must-Haves

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While Winter is still coming in Game of Thrones(hopefully it arrives in 2017 finally!), quite a few of us are freezing in some parts of the world, as the urge to just stay wrapped in our blankets all day long keeps getting stronger with every passing day. Here’s a list of winter wardrobe essentials, which would be your saviors in this cold weather. Make sure you tick them all off and stay warm in style.

Long coat

Whether or not it is freezing cold, a long coat makes a fashion statement. It screams for sass, class, and smartness. Who doesn’t like that?



You know when a cold breeze passes, and you can feel the goose bumps rising on your neck? Time to prevent that; protect yourself with a nice warm scarf. Additional benefit: Scarfs go with any of your daily wear outfits!



Keep your ears safe from the winds of winter, using a nice and warm beanie. Again, this is a cute touch to any outfit of yours. Who doesn’t like to look all cutey in this cuddle-inducing weather?



Knee length boots, sneakers, converse shoes, ANYTHING. From personal experience, I can tell you that going without shoes when it’s chilling outside, is not the best idea. As soon as the cold gets to your feet, it becomes a little tough to move them well. And by a little, I mean a lot. You can find some fabulous shoes and save money on your purchase if you use a DSW discount code.




They are pretty useful, and not just some all- time favorite clothing item. And definitely, not something that just looks great on the high school guys. Girl, you have to get one for yourself, and pair it with a nice pair of skinny jeans, boots and a scarf. The perfect look for winter- all set.


There you have it! With these winter wardrobe essentials you will be all set for the cold outside. Now get up, go out there and explore! Also, do let me know what is on your winter must-have’s list.