Women’s March Became The Historic Moment When Women Openly and Globally Challenged Trump

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President Donald Trump has been in the centre of the spotlight, even before he became the president. And once he did, there was an outrage. With his inauguration, another event took place, which has gathered global attention.

Women’s March took place on 21st January, 2017, in protest of the inauguration of President Donald Trump. This March took place not only in Washington, but also in other locations such as New York, Los Angeles, etc. Sister marches also took place in London, Paris and even in a part of Antarctica. The protest is these women’s way of showing that they are no objects and shouldn’t be treated like that. Women wore pink ‘pussyhats’ which were handmade, especially for the march, just as a reminder to everyone how the president elect had commented about how he could just grab women ‘’by the pussy’’.  Banners with various messages were also brought in, to display their objection towards President Trump’s attitude towards women.


Even celebrities like Emma Watson, Alicia Keys, Madonna, Ariana Grande and many others took part in this protest.

The organizers of the march expected about 200000 women, and in the end got about thrice the number attending, in Washington alone. All these women had started gathering somewhere before dawn, and once the fog lifted, everyone could see a mob of women, walking fiercely and standing up for themselves.

In LA, more than 500000 women marched and about 200000 did in NYC. Combining all the sister marches; the total count of women participating in the Women’s March, has been estimated to be around 3 million. The crowd participating in the protest was way more than the crowd attending President Donald Trump’s inauguration at the National Mall. This protest has now gone down in history as the biggest one day protest to happen in US history.


Whether or not this has affected any of the US politics is unknown, but what has been clearly shown to the world is the fact that USA will stand up for what they feel is right, and they shall continue uniting against what is wrong, for unity is strength.