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Did the World Just Get Emojized?

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Have you ever felt so vulnerable when you don’t find the perfect “emoji” with the text you want to send? Well! That might be the rarest of the rare cases seeing how the concept of emojis has evolved and there’s one expression for possibly anything and everything. A cake and Champagne bottle with a flower emoji can wish someone a Happy Birthday or a Congratulations on one’s new job. It is quite a sight to be noticed as to how these mere electronic expressions have taken over us and continue to do so. It is true that with nearly 200 different emojis, one doesn’t necessarily need the 26 letters to communicate. With the fast evolution of the emojis, it has become one of the most convenient methods to communicate with one another. I feel you are still doubting my instincts. It is a proven fact that over 90% of the 3.2 billion internet population use the picture characters.

Did the World Just Get Emojized?

The global appeal of the concept of emoji is that it text-speaks what body language is to spoken communication. I mean C’mon! How would you text “How you doin’?” the Joey style and flatter girls over messages or how would you express being Chandler savage as hell! Well, these emojis have come to our rescue. The most it has helped is in the situation of communicating our message with the right meaning and intention. There have been times when the tone in which you want to convey something is not the same over texts and you most likely land up misinterpreting the messages. This is where emojis have evolved the most and hence acts as the bridge to have the complete and correct meaning conveyed to the other person. There are times when you see a dull text and put it aside. The emojis plays its magic and happen to make a dull text very interesting. You are breaking up and things are at its heated peak. What do you do? Maybe ease out and try to release the tension at that time. Use an emoji and the mood will lighten up a bit. Don’t worry! This isn’t just faffing around but tried and tested. Sending a face and heartbreak emojis make a whole lot of difference.

The life of emojis have evolved itself to such an extent that it not only has the yellow round faces with different expressions but has become much more diverse. In 2017, a new emoji pack was launched that introduced human faces. The idea of these diverse emojis comes from the roots of our very favorite LEGO figures. All you want to send is “I don’t know”, however, too lazy to type it. Well! That’s alright. There is a picture character that depicts the same and all you need to do is send that and bam! your message is sent. From being diverse, these emojis are very much subject to equality as well. Every humanly emoji has a face variation according to one’s race and color. Not only that, but there are picture characters depicting different religions. Sikh, Hindu, Christian, the chat box has it all.

We’ve spoken about quite a lot of the human emojis. It doesn’t end here. The creators haven’t left any other creature or objects, for that matter of fact unattended. Coming to animals and creatures like aliens, ghosts and robots, the concept of emojis have come this far that they have an expression for these as well. All you need to do is just name it and it is there in your emoji box. Are you hungry and crave some pizza and would love to share it with your best friend? Send a pizza and a best friend emoji with a question mark and you are ready to send in the invitation. This list seems to have no end. From simple yellow faces to characters for national flags, there is an innovation in all. The best part about these emojis is the little movements that they contain. Such as if you send just a heart to someone, it will continue to beat and express the love you have for the person as if you were expressing it to the other person directly.

It is true that gone are the days where letters were the only means and moreover, where only words were the means to communicate. In the 21st century, times have changed and so has communicating mechanisms. However, the evolution of emojis doesn’t terminate here. The creators are still working to modify these and maybe, who knows, in a couple of years, they might land up introducing on customizing these emojis considering the great increase in this trend. Till then, enjoy the “emojized” life and make your communication more fun!