Zalora: It’s Time to ‘OWN the NOW’

Reading Time: 3 minutes

ZALORA, one of the biggest e-retailors that was established by Rocket Internet has gone a notch up. The new campaign “Own The Now” has been taking over the masses all over the world, majorly focusing on the continent of Asia.

OWN NOW! This is what the regional integrated brand campaign has been named. It spread its wings on February 21, 2018 in most of the regions, some of them being Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong Indonesia, Philippines and is supported various channels through media, such as videos or home placements, etc.

The Campaign

This huge campaign is targeting and also has launched 15 seconds TVCs in Malaysia and Indonesia. Tito Costa, Chief Marketing Officer of Zalora expressed his thoughts about this campaign and said “The concept of OWN NOW has shaped the ZALORA brand and given us a clear and concise narrative.

More importantly, OWN NOW will serve as ZALORA’s north star in articulating the brand’s purpose and identity. OWN NOW is what makes you, you!”

Featuring models and young influencers from across Asia trying to get the idea of ‘Own Now’ to the life of this dynamic world. Zalora tries to go ahead and encourage the idea of being transparent and candid and that that is what makes a person so unique or that “it makes you, you”.

Zalora, the campaign attracts a lot more people from Asia along with such influential young models. Such other persons belong to the world of fashion, music, art and photography. Moreover, this also includes resident DJ from Singapore nightclub Zouk- DJ Ghetto and many more such personalities.

The great deal about this campaign is that it doesn’t try to restrict itself to only the fashion world but goes beyond that and widens one’s horizon by giving it a new perspective.

It tends to feature people from every road and embody this lifestyle and philosophy helping one to reflect on one’s authenticity, empowerment, diversity, creativity, etc. It also helps to focus on two extremely important aspects of the human kind, being self-expression and personal style.

This campaign gives individuals a platform to embrace themselves, know more of themselves and experiment this combination with how they present themselves, what they wear, in other words, experimenting with fashion.

The word ‘Own’ in the brand campaign name is of great significance as it directs towards the basic four “owning the moment” scenes and captures it all. The four being “Own the Dress”, “Own the Night”, “Own the Meeting”, and “Own Hari Raya”.

Talking about Own Now, the Executive Creative Director of BBH Asia Pacific, Scott McClelland proudly says, “Own Now is all about confidence. It’s that feeling that you get when you are wearing something new and cool, or when you’re doing something you love.” Moreover, while it is a nice and a young idea with a great future, the brand feels that it is the best way to spread the message to people to have fun, be confident about yourself and own every bit of it.

There is nobody better who could carry what you’re wearing as spectacularly as you are. There is not much to convince one of this campaign. What really speaks for it is its 30 seconds video that stands out and says it all it has to in those handful seconds. Changing the trend, being comfortable to it, adopting your own fashion, wearing it with confidence and of course, you own now, those 30 seconds have covered every corner of it.

The video is as simple as you could think of. It has nothing fancy but the attitudes of the various changing models in it with a killer background music. It gives you that feeling of actually having to own it all with such confidence that you definitely will have the thought in your head that there is no one better than you. Though for a brief period, but the thought will occur and it shall occur with such power that it’ll definitely motivate you to go on to support this brand campaign and give it a shot to experiment yourself and discover you!