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Zara’s founder Amancio Ortega hits on the top of the international rich-list

Amancio Ortega (left) , Bill Gates (right)

Amancio Ortega (left) , Bill Gates (right)

Leaving behind  Microsoft’s founder Bill Gates, the 81 year old Spanish business tycoon has now become the world’s richest person. His net worth dollar 85 billion surpasses Gates net worth which is dollar 84.9 billion.

The man, who did not even complete his education, has now set everybody aside to be the wealthiest person in the world.

Amancio was born in Spain. From nothing to everything; this man has made his identity by working hard through all the years. In his 20’s, he used to work as a sales boy in an ordinary cloth store.



Amancio Ortega with his wife Flora Pérez

Reportedly, Ortega went 25 years working without taking a vacation. His dedication towards his work, today has made him the wealthiest person on the planet. He co-founded Zara in 1975 with his ex wife Rosalia Mera, who died in the year 2013. Ortega had also surpassed Bill Gates  in the year 2015, then in September 2016 for two days he took the top spot. In July, Jeff Bezos the founder of amazon  was the richest person but then again the lead was taken by Gates. For now the ranking goes from Amancio Ortega , Bill Gates and then Jeff Bezos.

But richest man or not we will always continue to love Zara, isn’t it?

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