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Zayn Malik Has Come Up With A New Shoe Line, In Collaboration With Designer Giuseppe Zanotti

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Ever since we heard that Zayn Malik is collaborating with designer Giuseppe Zanotti, to create a shoe collection for men, we’ve been intent on keeping our eyes on them, whenever they’re out. And the preview of these shoes is finally out! Zayn models for his shoe collection, and has had us drooling all over our screens, what with the pictures and everything.

Zayn met the designer in Paris in 2015, and according to sources, they immediately hit it off. Zayn is someone who has his own idea of fashion, and is not fake at all. This might be one of the reasons that Giuseppe and Zayn got along well, and came up with the idea of working on a shoe collection.

Ever since Zayn left his former band, One Direction, he’s been doing his solo ventures.  His album, ‘Mind of Mine’ , has a very different tune compared to what he worked on in the band, but his latest work happens to hit you right in the feels. One can conclude that Zayn has his own style, and way of doing things. According to what we’ve heard, Zayn is someone who is attracted towards dark colours and weird elements and Giuseppe is unafraid to play with these. The result of them working together, was the shoes made under the collaboration label, ’Giuseppe for Zayn’.

Zayn, who can be said to be a rebel in his own way, claims that he enjoyed working on these shoes. It’s something he’d definitely wear, and elements of these are those he likes.  The collection currently consists of four types of shoes- two boot styles and two trainer styles.

Image Courtesy: Giuseppe Zanotti

As much as we’re disappointed that we don’t have a women’s collection, hopefully Zayn will work on it, in future, and we might just get them!